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WTB 83 Rear Riviera bumper fillers


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I need a good usable set of rear inner bumper fillers for my 83 Rivi. I bought a set of repop ABS and they fit horible- THEY DONT FIT:confused:. I just need the inner long fillers, my outside and corners are good. Does any one have some usable ones, or know of ones that fit? :)

Thanks, Much, Steve

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I found Eds write up , well done. Thanks for the tip. I didn't own this car when that was printed. The car came with an O.E. set in the Buick box's for the front, had them painted with the re-pop rears. We installed and adjusted the fronts in about 1/2 hour and they look great. Have been fighting with the rears for 3 hours, the supplier swears they fit great / NOT. It was nice to see they are the only ones avail at this time and are a close fit with a lot of pre-fitting, bonding and filling before paint. If that was described before we started the job would be done by know. Oh well ready to wrap it up now!

Thanks again for the heads up.


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