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Fiero owner here:)

Guest IMSAkid

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Guest IMSAkid

I joined up with this site because I heard it is the place to be with Reatta's because my dad just purchased one but i thought i would share my little hobby as well. While there not as old and beautiful as some of the classics you gentlemen have there my pride and joy:D.

1st one is the sparkle of the bunch (in my eye at least. It is a 1984 IMSA Fiero promo car to the Dole GTU racer raced by clay young back in the 1984-1985 IMSA GTU series. This is not the car that was raced but the promo vehicle to the car being raced. I love this car from the bottom of my heart and i have yet to even have a highway drive in it. I bought it last summer non running with a boat anchor as an engine in it. Now it will run and drive but I'm having a small shifting issue.




Next is my 1988 Formula with a 3.4L SFI turbocharged 3400 swapped into it. Its about 300HP right now and gets up for what it is. Its my current running project but it is a fun car and is stupid fast




And last but not least is my little fun car. Its a 1984 Duke but it has some added custom work that sets it aside from the rest. i got it for a good deal and couldn't say no to it:D




and than i have a blue solstice as a daily beater. Its slow but it does its job:D


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