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1953 Super 56r Various Parts - Athens, GA


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howdy all,

i'm parting out some redundant parts from my '53 resto. I'm slowly going through the stuff I need, would like to keep as an extra part, and the things I don't need. So far, I've got:

-Sonomatic radio. 12 volt. I'm not sure if it works.

-Dash (no gauges, just the frame) Light surface rust, no rust-through.

-Gas tank. I'm honestly not sure this can be salvaged but thought I would see before I sent it to the metal scrapyard. It had a dime size hole punched in it by a fellow at a radiator shop to "drain" it. then they attempted to patch the hole. I used Eastwood's gas tank restorer and Tank Tone but it was done poorly and rust is seeping through and I hear flakes inside. (see photos)

here are some photos:


Make me an offer on any of this stuff, I just need the extra space and could use a little extra money. I'll be posting more as I move forward with the restoration... Thanks!

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