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'84 LeSabre Limited - 67K actual!


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1984 Buick LeSabre for sale at Crabtree Buick GMC Bristol VA - 1G4AP69Y1EH831183

NOT my car, but you all know I like sharing these old near cars on here.

I have personally seen this car at the local Buick dealership. Its really nice! Its been setting here for awhile, I bet someone could make a fair offer and get it. I hate seeing it set out. Its obviously a garage-kept car! The interior is MINT!! Paint is original and got some hazing... has lost it gloss if I recall, but its original and not a speck of rust.

Its a low mileage '84 LeSabre Limited sedan - located in Bristol VA. **BTW, this is the same dealership where my old 1972 Electra I used to own was purchased new! This dealer has been here since the 50s... alot of old Buicks have came and went here... this car was also purchased here new. Price is $5995, which is steep imo, but again, its nice and I bet $3500 would buy it.

<LI class=dealerphoneNumber>(276) 644-0361<LI class=dealerName>Crabtree Buick GMC<LI class=dealerAddress>2311 Lee Hwy<LI class=dealerCityPostalCode>Bristol, VA 24202



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Very nice Buick! Take it to the national meet and it would be an instant Archival Award winner, but very much over-priced, unfortunately. For those who don't know, Bristol is on the Tennessee/Virginia border.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Yeah that price is steep for sure! I would imagine that a cash offer would take it home much cheaper, hopefully anyway. lol. This dealership gets alot of nice older trade-ins... older people coming in trading in nice older Buicks, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs and Chevrolets mostly on new Buicks. They also sold Pontiacs here, but guess thats coming to an end.

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