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1917 Continental oil pressure


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Rough rule of thumb is engines in cars of that era probably run at half scale of the pressure gauge if the original one is fitted. and that probably isn't much. It is a bit late at 11pm to go up to the shed to check what the Roamer with Continental 9N is like, but it is 3 main bearings supplied by a fairly rudimentary pump. I am fairly sure there is no pressure relief valve. Big ends are splash fed. Probably as long as you don't spin an engine too fast, they manage well enough. A friend here has strips of pelt plaited into wicks trailing into the oil to lubricate the main bearings. Some Napiers merely had a little pop-out indicator which showed you did have pressure, but never mind how much.

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Is it a Continental Red Seal like this one?:


This is a Humpty Dumpty I put back together a few years ago. The small black object attached with two diagonal bolts just behind the water pump is the oil pump. Unfortunately, I didn't photograph it, but if memory serves I want to say it was nothing more than a plunger that rode directly on the cam with a couple of check balls to manage flow. It might have had a relief valve that was also a spring loaded ball that just dumped back into the crankcase -- can't remember. This vehicle had no gauge (though there is a take-off port to add one). I think at the time I found the spec in Dykes and it was something like 2 lbs. Not much.

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Guest noncompos

Geez, does he even have oil circulation???

Irregardless (or should it be regardless??) for all things Continental email Garrad (Jerry) Moon at Monte's Eqpmt in Chicago(??), longtime obsolete Cont'l parts dealers. Jerry is often described as friendly and helpful with advice as well as obsolete parts. He'll need info off engine tag, or, if Paige omitted the Cont tags, ALL cast/stamped numbers off engine. Good luck.

Oops: garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com

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