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We had a celebration today of it being 100 years since the railroad came to Madras Orgeon and also the nearby town of Metolius celebrated the town being 100 years old too. We had 12 antique cars show up, 2 of them being DB's, my 22 screenside and Ron Alley's 27 coupe. The rest were T's and a 28 Model A pickup. Unfortunately I forgot my camera for the railroad part so I didn't get pics of the cars there but others did so I may post them later. As you can see, it was a bit brisk out to say the least. Check out the icicles!





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Here are a few more pics of the 100 year RailRoad celebration. The day before was pretty nice but this day was nasty! The 27 DB Coupe belongs to Ron and Marlene Alley. It is all original inside and out with just minor touchups.





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Doug, let's be sure we are talking apples to apples. The 1927 124 model is a 116" WB with rear brakes only and fenders, etc like the earlier 27's. They use the so called "fast four" engine. It is not the same car as the 1928 128/129 "fast fours", however the engine is the same. Both my Roadsters are 1927 124's and are standards, not Sport Models. Therefore they have an oval instrument area that is stamped in the dash and uses individual white fase gauges like the earlier 27's and does NOT have the triangular glass covered gauge set that the Sports use. The oval is similar to the 28 fast four cars and I think Std. sixes but is not a glass covered insert like those. I have studied up on these quite alot and have barely scratched the surface! At least 3 distinct models in 27 and many variations on those makes it tough to be positive about anything! I'll post so pics for you later.

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My understanding is that there's a C,D,and fast four engine in '27? Each is basically a differant car. This car has what I think is the FF, has the distributor on the head. It's a coupe with cowl lights and chrome radiator shell, not positive they belong. The gauges are individual and white faced. I need a pic of the dash area, showing especially the correct headlight switch / key arrangement. Also pics of the corect headlights, don't think tehse are right. They look like my '24's, think '27's are specific to '27? I forgot you had NEWer 4 cylinder DB's or I would have ask you before. Might have a pic of the car for you, I'll look. Thanks.

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