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Forum Problem??

Paul Dobbin

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Is AACA having problems with the General Discussion Forum?

When I sign in ir goes to the Buick Forums and won;t access the AACA General Forum. I'm a Buick guy too, but what's going on? Two days of no access!! #@*&%!


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Perhaps your computer is taking you directly to the Buick forums as that's the last place you'd been?

If you might be using the upper address bar's drop-down list to accesss the forums in your recent browing history and the Buick forum was the one you used . . . or the AACA forum for that matter was the last one . . . that's where it'll take you. There was one of my "history" addresses which used the AACA list and that's where it takes me when I use that one . . . the long list of AACA-hosted forums, from which I have to manually select the Buick forums. Every so often, I look at some of the others to see what's going on.

The other thing I have done is to check the "Remember Me" box so that unless I change computers, no manual log-in needed.

Just some thoughts . . .


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