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supreme wheels and wheel stud

Guest frenchyo

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Guest frenchyo

hello everyone

I am french

I have buy a wheel vintique supreme in 15x7

for my 1964 riviera

but the wheel stud are so short

what is the solution please?




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Are they steel or aluminum wheels? Post a picture and/or a model number for your wheels and maybe we can help more.

Astro Supremes are a steel rim with an aluminum center, much like a Cragar S/S. They will use the same type shoulder lug nut that fits inside the lug holes in the wheels, not a conventional lug nut you took off the stock wheels.

You may also need a 1/4" spacer to allow the wheels to clear the center hub.


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An answer to your basic question is that you take the front brake drums to a machine shop and have longer studs inserted.

There is a way that you can replace the studs in the rear axles yourself. Search the archives on this forum for information as to how it's done.

Good luck.

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Don't change the studs. Order these lug nuts Cragar 27723-4 - Cragar Wheel Lug Nuts - Overview - SummitRacing.com . The wheels you have don't use a tapered or conical style lug nut. These are shank style lug nuts. Great choice of wheel by the way. I really like Supremes on a Riv. Are you going to lower the car?

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Back in your post #5, take a good look at the description of the wheel. The one pictured does not have the correct bolt pattern for your Riviera. The one pictured is a dual pattern 4.5/"4.75" on 5 that would fit a Ford or Intermediate GM, like a Skylark, Cutlass, or Chevelle.

You need one with a 5" on 5 bolt pattern. I'm betting that it's available, you just need to make sure you order the correct one. :)


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You're correct. I misread the 5 as the bolt pattern. These wheels are like the original Cragars. They will have an enlarged opening in the wheel and you use one of two special washers to select the bolt pattern. One washer has the hole centered in it and will work on the 4.75" bolt circle. The other washer has an offset hole in it. If you put the hole closer to the hub, it will fit the 4.5" bolt pattern; with the hole closer to the rim, it will fit the 5" bolt pattern.

Here's a stock photo of one. You have to decide if you'll like the looks of it once it's mounted.


There's a wheel on this link that looks like what you're after that comes in 15 X 6, 15 X7, or 15 X 8 widths that come in 5 on 5" bolt circles.

Newstalgia Wheel, American Racing Wheels, Boyd Coddington Wheels, Billet Vintiques, Colorado Custom Wheels, Cragar Wheels, Bonspeed Wheels, Foose Wheels, Radir Wheels, TQ Chrome


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Guest Kahuna28

Hey Ed,

I just wanted to make sure I was following this post correctly. Those washers you posted are for unilug wheels right? If you get the direct 5x5 bolt pattern wheels you do not need them?

I just ordered a set of 5x5 (BP) of these and wasn't aware I needed the longer lugs, I'll need to get a set... I just wanted to make sure I didn't need the washers also..

Great wheels Frenchyo, imo they are made for the riv.:D

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