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Installing cowl weather strip


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Do they have a hole in the center? If so, do what Mike said, but I would use soapy water, rather than baby powder, less messy, easier to clean up. Take an awl or better yet, use a chop stick or something that has a blunt point on it to fit the hole, center the part (the bottom part that fits in the hole and hold it in is called a carrot) with the stick, awl, rod in the hole, and CAREFULLY push on the stick device, not so hard you pierce through though. It should stretch the carrot enough, with the soapy water a lube, to pop it in the whole without trying to pull it through with pliers or such. Hope this works for you.

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Thanks guys! This forum it GREAT. I succeeded thanks to all the great advice. Soap, an allen wrench of the proper size to push the carrot hole from the top, and a dental pick.

Bright light to shine under the rubber strip to see the carrot top and use the pick to push the top of carrot down the hole. Got the entire strip in in about 10 minutes.

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