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ABS light doesn't go out


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Damn, I tried to ignore a problem and it has bitten me in the butt.

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Since I've gotten the car, the ABS light won't go out. It concerned me a little initially but as I drove it (even on the autobahn) I never had any problem with the strength of the brakes. Since I had a lot of other priorities with the car and my life, I chose to ignore it.

Bad decision.

Last week, I had to get my car re-inspected on one of the US bases in town. The older German inspector that looked at the car before (and ignored the light) was gone and now I faced a younger version who was determined to live up to his national stereotype. I was presented with a short list of nit picks he wanted addressed. They are small items that are easily resolved. Except one. That damn ABS light. He said he won't pass the car until the problem is fixed and documented by a dealership.

I promptly took it over to the nearest Chrysler dealership. They just called to say that the nit picks are done but they cannot figure out the ABS issue. Their computer won't talk to a 20-year old car. The guy said that to go old-school and diagnose the system by hand would run into major $$$.

<o:p>Recommendations on how to diagnose the problem? I'm on the clock as I have 3 weeks to get it fixed. The biggest issue is that getting parts shipped from the States can be painfully long. </o:p>


<o:p>I know I've dug myself a hole on this one so any advice/help would be massively appreciated.</o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

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well what i have done before, is pull the dash out and cut the trace on the PCB board to the ABS light, then put a jumper wire on the back from the abs light to the alternator lamp or the check engine light so it cycles like it should.. What year is the car?? most likely you need on OBD I scan tool to do it proper scan if its pryor to 1995

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Yellowdog--9 out of 10 times I have seen this problem it's a sensor problem. If you can-Take the wheels off and inspect the abs sensors. I have seen wires broken--dirt build up--to rusty tone wheels. What you have is a Reed senor that reads a tone wheel that rotates. If the sensor has failed(cable-pulled out) or if anything is in the way --it cant reed the tone wheel--thus the ABS light. Good Luck

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Check the abs fuseblock under the hood on passenger side. The fuses may be good but the connectors they plug into tend to get either corroded or melted, either condition can light up the dash ABS light. Sounds like you will need to have the dealer document what makes the light go out for the inspector so you can't just disconnect the bulb to make it go out. The fuses are in a little black box that may or may not still have the cover on it, near the strut tower on the passenger side.

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Guest My TC Toy

While checking my brakes, etc, last year, I noticed a build up of crap at the wheel sensors. Not wanting to remove the sensors and possibly breaking something I got a 12" cotton rag about three inches wide, folded it in two lengthwise, soaked it with brake cleaner and ran it back and forth between the sensor and stator. After a number of cleanings like this I folded the rag in three and did it again. I scraped any surface rust or other hard crap off the sensors with a ling thin guage blade. Then to finish the job I cleaned off the stator with cleaner and fine sandpaper. It all looked good when finished. Then I checked the gaps and found them to be quite good. Job done.

I would suggest that anyone who has never cleaned the sensors/ stators should perform this cleaning. You will be surprised what you clean off. And that has got to be better for the brake system.


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