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1947 Cadillac Series 75 Imperial Sedan (Fleetwood)

Guest foxwood

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Guest foxwood

Hello AACA & fellow Cadillac enthusiasts-

My friend's father owned two of these great classics during his life. This one he kept until he passed away. We are trying to ascertain value for the car and find a way to sell the car. I've done a bit of research and they appear to be fairly rare. Some models look very valuable. It is all original. I don't know when he bought the car, but I know it has sat at his present residence for 43 years. During that time it has not moved. The body is solid overall. The fenders and the step have rust damage and a few dents. The paint appears to be the original coat. It is cracked and beat up. Mileage shows just over 2630, which means it has most certainly rolled over. It has the Hydra-Matic transmission. Small round parking lights, 5-bar grill. Motor appears to be in good condition as does woodwork. Chrome is not badly weathered. I believe it is matching numbers. It has the radio and fender mounted antenna.

He started to do some work to the motor and attempted some patch work (in fiberglass - definitely a bad decision, but just on one fender). There are some spare parts, new correct whitewall tires. Apparently it belonged to the Eaton family, who were quite famous in Canada for owning a large chain of department stores.

Any advice or comments will be gratefully received. Thank you in advance. I have lots of photos. We are wondering if something like ebay would be best, or private sale and where to? Would you keep it original? I think it deserves a restoration.


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if you are crunched for the amount of time you have to sell it then you will have to price it low enough to make people want to pounce on it.

it needs a complete restoration which will cost an astounding amount of denero.

most people that are going to drop that much mula is usually going to spend it on an open car.

as far as it being rare it isn't.cadillac made so many models of autos to choose from that they just didn't make that many of any certain one with the exception of the common 4dr sedans.

what state is the car in? i might know someone near you that would have an interest.

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wow! opposite end of the earth from me.I'm in texas.Sorry i also do not know anyone in that area that would have an interest.I was there back in august.That would have been cool to come by and have a look.

good luck to you.

p.s. advertise in every local way.

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Still Available? Neat car, but a $30,000 do it yourself restoration of a $17,000

(when done) car is in order.

My suggestion is to get it running and enjoy it as an old car, or sell ot to somebody who can enjoy it without going broke.

I hope you learn to have fun with it without having to win trophies for it.

Old cars can be fun even if their not the best one in the world.

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