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Hemi interchange

Guest DougBen

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Guest Bob Call

Don't look like you ever got a response. No this not a bolt in. The DeSoto hemi is the medium size, Dodge the small and Chrysler the large. I'm talking exterior physical measurements not just cubic inch displacement. Very little interchanges between the three engines. Also the DeSoto used a difference transmission bellhousing than the 51, 52 and 53 Chrysler hemi. The Chrysker had the clutch/torque converter bellhousing cast into the engine block. Dodge and DeSoto have a bellhousing separate from the engine block. Chrysler went to the separate bellhousing in 54. 51 thru 53 Chrysler hemi engines aren't that hard to find. Most hot rodders prefer the 54 thru 58 Chrysler because of the separate bellousing.

I would suggest that you sell your DeSoto engine and use the money to buy a 51 - 53 Chrysler hemi. Post a for sale ad for your DeSoto and want to buy ad for a Chrysler at Hot Heads Research & Racing Early Chrysler Hemi Home. Be sure to state that you're looking for a stock engine as this site ia aimed at hot rodders. They are everything about first generation hemi engines.

Please save your old Imperial.

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