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Looking to buy 66 or 67 Riviera

Guest mbc40

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Hello Everyone,

I am Mike and I am looking at riviera's ... I found 2 that are really great. One is totally restored Engine rebuilt ,rear end redone etc etc. But it has bench seats and column shifter.

Car 2 has floor shifter good interior and engine that is ok everything runs great ,windows,ac, everything works ,could us paint job.

I like the console the best ..cars are around the same price. I wonder which would hold its value better ??? one's ad says its a GS but i dont thing its real thing from factory.. Are bucket bench seats with the armrest hard to get ????

Thanks for your time and comments hope to be in the club soon


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If you prefer buckets with the floor shifter, I'd lean towards finding a car equipped with them. Otherwise you will regret it as long as you own the car. There are always exceptions. To someone who likes buckets, some bench seat cars have so much good going for them that buckets become less important. But all things being equal, there is no question the bucket seat car has the edge.

While the 66 & 67s appear very similar, they are quite different under the skin. You are wise to be wary on the GS. Clones are common. If you need any assistance or have specific questions email or PM me offline.

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I have never owned or driven a bucket seat Riv, but I have owned other bucket seat cars. I concur with what others have said here, I find the Riviera Strato Bench seats very comfortable. Prior to buying this car, I like many others had a preference for a bucket seat interior for the "sporty" aspect. It was not a make or break criteria, as I ended up with a Strato Bench car. In the end, the Strato Bench interior gives you the comfort of a bench seat, but still retains a somewhat sporty appearance with the individual seat backs when the arm rest is in the down position - a nice trade off.

GIve it some thought, and stick with what you decide you really want.

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