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spare tire and jack hold down picture 1955 olds

Tedd Thompson

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I am in need of a picture or diagram of the trunk area showing the spare tire and jack- lug wrench hold downs Mine are missing and I need to locate or build something that is stock looking . I have the bolts that hold the tire in place but no means to attach the tire to it, same with the jack- lug wrench. This is on a 1955 olds vert. These parts I would think would span a number of years and if anyone knows for sure please advise... Thanks....Tedd

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Guest Jim_Edwards

It should be illustrated on the stickers that were found inside the trunk itself and are reproduced by one or more vendors in that business. I can't believe they didn't illustrate jack stowage in either the owners or maintenance manuals but I don't think they did in the 1950s or early 1960s.


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Thanks for your reply Jim.

My sticker has left the area long ago and the 400+ page shop manual skips all around the subject but shows no illustrations on the fasteners or hold downs. Unfortunately Ebay and Fusick stickers when blown up only show the up and down operation for the jack nothing on the stowing of the tools, so I'm still looking. If anyone has an idea I'm all ears. Thanks in advance....Tedd

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