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Please introduce yourself!

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Just had an idea from the general Buick forum...

They've got a thread with the same title as this one, where you introduce yourself, give a synopsis about your car, etc.

Thought I might try something similar here since we've got so many new people popping up lately.

Perhaps Rawja could make this a sticky thread? :D

Just introduce yourself, tell us about your car(s), about yourself, if you have parts or something of similar nature, you get the gist.

Don't know if this is a "good idea" or not, or if it'll even go anywhere, but just thought it might be nice for new members to "get to know" everyone! :)

Lets try to stay on subject. ;):rolleyes:

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I'll contribute. The name is Dave. Live in SE WI. I do NOT have a Reatta. I have what I consider to be a GM stablemate, an Allante. That is why I follow the message traffic here.

I also have a '55 Cad Coupe de Ville and a '62 Olds Dynamic 88 convertible. Some of my cars have their own web sites. See the info in my sig.

Lastly, I edit/publish a monthly, online, no advertising, free newsletter which focuses on the car collecting hobby; Car Collector Chronicles.

As a companion to the newsletter I have started an online forum, Car Collector Chronicles -THE FORUM; found at CAR COLLECTOR CHRONICLES FORUM. All are cordially invited to come on by and start/join in a discussion.

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Marck I will jump in

My name is Chuck Kerls from Wichita Kansas and have owned lots of cars. My current cars are a 1990 Buick Reatta Convertible, a 1984 Buick Riviera Convertible, a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible, and a 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT. I try to be active in the BCA, the Reatta Division, the AACA and the Mulvane Marauders Car club. Cars are always a good time.

My wife Kathy and I try to make as many cars show as we possibly can and try to make the Buick National meets where distance and time allow.

I would encourage everybody join a car club and keep cruising, it beats staying at home doing nothing.

Hope to see everyone in Danvers this summer

Chuck Kerls

Wichita Kansas

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Mike...these cars are 30-40 years too new for you...time to go back.

I'm Derek...have far too many Buicks and for those of you who were around a couple months ago, I made a local deal on an '88 coupe (white with blue interior) and took delivery in January. Since we get a genuine winter here, the car is tucked away. I took a photo of the car, put the caption "Have a Reatta Good Christmas" on it and presented the photo to She Who Must Be Obeyed at Christmas...after I get the transmission fixed up, the car cleaned up, and passed the Manitoba vehicle inspection, I have a feeling I'll be turning over the keys to SWMBO...in which case, I may need to procure another car...or behave and drive some of the other old Buicks I have at hand.

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Haven't been on the forum in some time so guess I'll re introduce myself. I'm Jim Stagl, aka Reatta1, live in central Oregon and own a 88 early (suede bolsters) black Reatta nicknamed 'Black Beauty'. Other Buicks I own are a 66 LeSabre convertible, 93 Regal custom coupe and a 01 Park Avenue. Last meet I went to was the National in Colorado Springs where the Reatta garnered a silver award. The convertible is a work in prrocess and sometime in the not too distant future I hope to take it to a meet.

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