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I am in process of restoring a 1910 IHC Model C Surrey and, based upon an IHC autowagon I saw when I was young, I would like to paint the surrey body IHC maroon. I seem to recall it was somewhat brownish, not a red maroon. Does anyone know exactly what this color looked like and where this paint can be obstained? The body is wood, of course, and I don't think lacquer (if still available) would work. Thank you. Tom Edfors, Lake Mills, WI. edfors@charter.net

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I bought a 1913 IHC Autowagon in 2011. It was unrestored and had maroon color. Parts of the truck were bare wood. The bodywas pretty much original or 1 repaint before 1950. I wanted to keep what paintwas left. I went to PPG store and picked a maroon color from a color chart, I had some OMNI mixed. I tried it essensually didnt like the color. I ended up buying Valspar paints in quart size and mixing my own.

Please see this thread on HCCAforum.<o:p></o:p>



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