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Ford 1930(?) Mc Dowell Dirt Track racer


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Hi Bob, I think with this I found the right saddle for you. What you write is Chinese to me, but sounds as rocksolid info. Did you drive things like that? I would love to hear soem first hand experience(form that time). All the best, Joris

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Joris, The sprint car on your website is typical of an early 1930's car. I don't know why it is called a McDowell if it has a Riley Head. McDowell was a manufactured of overhead valve heads for Model A & B Fords, they made rocker arm heads that look a bit like a Crager head. McDowell made Single and Double Over Head cam heads as well. Prices were $125.00 for the rocker arm. $350.00 for the single cam, and $575.00 for the D.O. George Riley made two different heads for the Model A&B Ford block. The Four Port was the better one. Don Vesco ran one in a drop tank at Bonneville and turned over 200MPH with 4 Port Riley. Riley made an overhead conversion for the flathead V8 as well. His racing carbureters were popular on Indy 500 cars in the '30's & '40's. The sprint car on your site looks like it has front brakes added for VSCC road race events.

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