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Two Special 1958 Buicks

Charles D. Barnette

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Harley Earl formed "Damsels of Design" which consisted of ladies hired by GM to give the feminine touch to standard production cars by way of exterior colors and interior colors and accessories. For 1958 two Buicks were thus created. One was named the Buick Shalimar which was a four door hardtop in Royal Purple. The other was the Buick Tampico convertible in Alabaster and Flaming Orange. Is there anyone in the club that has pictures of these 58 Buicks, or ever saw them, or knows their current whereabouts? Charles D. Barnette

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Somewhere in the last 25-30 years, GM woke up to the fact that they had better include women in the design and sale of cars. Along with that, women were promoted to positions that put them in charge of certain brands. I know of one such woman that Iused to work with at Harrison Radiator that was elevated to top positions at Buick Motor Division. I will not mention her name so as not to be accused of name dropping.

Harley Earl started that concept but then it was forgotten somewhere along the line. Thankfully, Buick along with the remaining GM Divisions are getting their heads out of certain orifices and are moving along with some new designs and concepts that will wake up the buying public. After being thrown under the bus by the GM and Delphi upper management ranks, I still wish them well.


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