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McLaughlin same as a buick?


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McLaughlins are real Buicks. However, they did change a few things. Trim, emblems and some body components may be different, but the basic running gear is the same.

I have heard that ...Buick USA sometimes shipped left overs at the end of a model year to Canada. So some may have the previous year's parts....

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They seem both to be 50 Series, with 57, the 4 door sedan and 58 the 5 passenger Victoria Coupe, by far the more attractive and probably the more rare car. We can dig up production numbers for each in the US, but not sure how many were asembled in Canada. Depending on the condition, I would not suggest stripping the Victoria for the sedan. Basic body components should be the same.


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Guest Tishabet

In another thread about McLaughlin Buicks unimogjohn lists the differences between his 1923 McLaughlin Buick and the 1923 Buick... this might give you a feel for how similar and/or different the two productions were early on, and my general understanding is that the differences became fewer as time went by. Original post can be found here: http://forums.aaca.org/f169/mclaughlin-classic-built-buicks-296876-2.html#post842435

I have a 1923 McLaughlin Buick. And it is 95% Buick with some special items that were McLaughlin. Most of the items that were McLaughlin were a bit more finished and refined than on the US built cars. Both the body and the engine on my car were made and built in Canada. Major and most minor parts interchange between Canada and US versions.

Here are some of the differences between cars of the same year and model.

Rear tire carrier: McLaughlin - cast iron like on earlier US Buicks; Buick - stamped steel

Dash: McLaughlin - wooden; Buick - stamped steel

Gauges: McLaughlin - all white faced; Buick - all black faced

Gauges: McLaughlin - Water temp added; Buick - temp on radiator only

Interior: McLaughlin - Leather throughout; Buick - embossed leather like material

Steering Wheel: McLaughlin - natural wood and metal spokes; Buick - wood, which was usually painted

Radiator Surround: McLaughlin - plated; Buick - painted

Battery: McLaughlin - on running board; Buick - under floor

Top: McLaughlin - different design/more elegant, exposed wooden frame, plated hinges; Buick - steel frame, painted hinges.

Here are a couple of pics if you are interested.

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