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Need a vehicle transported to the NW


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Don't know if this will of any use to you...

When I had to move a car from the Midwest to the Coast (the "other" coast) a couple years back I used Hilton Auto Transport (<CITE>www.hiltonautotransport.com</CITE>). This firm does not have its own trucks--it is a broker. Nicole, is the main (or only) point of contact there. I found her helpful and honest.

For what it's worth, I used Mills Transport of Pikesville, Md. which is run by "Lawrence" (forgot his last name). His cell phone was 410-262-8812. An older man, I found him very professional. His price was reasonable, he was always reachable, and he took a real interest in getting the job done right (rather than fast which was alright by me). grin.gif

To give you an benchmark on costs, I had a driveable car shipped from Wichita, Kansas to Northern Virginia (1300 miles by the most direct route) for a total cost of $680. This price was for a spot on an open transport. The total transit time was 7 days (within the estimate they gave me before pickup).

Good luck.

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