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Lamar - the horn ring looks about right for '52, but on my car, it has "Buick Roadmaster" in the center piece. I don't know if that goes across all the lines though or not.

I'll have to look for a photo to compare.

I may need to buy that '62 fact book to see what it says about my baby Buick.

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Lamar, I know youy love the 54's but what about us 57 guys..can't you show us some love to!

I'm sure we would accept an adjusted price for the picture, you could pay $157 instead of $154 ....:D

Unfortunately not much carries over to the 57 from 54 and his non 54 stuff I bet was acquired by buying something that was packaged with something for 54.

...am I close Lamar? :P

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Actually Bob, I don't remember where I got most of the non 54 stuff. It was just in my closet one day. Must have been the Buick fairies. that's my story and I'm stickin to it

Jim I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer you. Except one thing. BUY A '54. :D

Derek, you should invest in that 62 Facts book. Check my feedback items sold. I sold several Facts Books about a year and a half ago for 3x what I started these at.

Regarding the 154.00 for the picture, it started out waaaay lower than that. I had a wiseacre make a derogatory comment about it and suggested I should adjust the price. So I adjusted it. And I could have sold the Nymph On the Quarter Moon lamp that's in that image at least five times.

Come on folks. I've been in hot water ever since I robbed MrsEarl's kitchen appliance bank to buy the Texas Pete Special. Help me out here, BID. :D:);)

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Thanks Bob...Geez, what a deal! I didn't know that you were Mr. Earl's sales manager...:)

I think you were probably right on the 54 - 55 stuff..too bad it wasn't 57 stuff..I'm a softie for that..

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