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1956 Buick Super Color codes

Guest Old Nailhead

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Guest Old Nailhead


I just found my dream 1956 Buick Super 2-Door Harttop, or at least one day it will be. Right now it still looks rather pitiful. It is impossible to determine what color it once was. The color code on the plate on the body reads NON. The Trim Number is listed as 532. Can anybody translate that for me?


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Firstly, congrats on finding your someday dream car!!!! Love the 56 Supers myself. And I'm sure JohnD will be introducing himself and his nice 56 later, You have one of my most favorite colors also. I'm bettin that O is a C which would put the original color as Tahiti Coral over Dover White over Tahiti Coral.

The 532 trim would be Black Nylon-Ivory Cordaveen. An awesome color combination to go with the Tahiti Coral and Dover White.

Look forward to seeing that babe. Post up some pictures and more about the car in the Me and My Buick fourm. Again Welcome Aboard.

Also if you haven't already, I'd encourage you to join the Buick Club of America

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