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I recently got a 67 lesabre 340, but came with a 2-speed tranny. Does anyone know my options, to replace with a 3-speed auto. Would pontiac trannies interchange and what would be the best bang for my buck.

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Your 340 has a BOP bell housing so any Buick, Pontiac, or Oldsmobile transmission will work - 350 or 400.

If you can find a copy (microfiche at your local public library) of the Hot Rod magazine from August 2000, there's an article in on page 54 that details "Installing a junkyard 200-4R in a two-speed Buick" called Over and Under.

In the article, the two speed ST-300 in a '67 Skylark is replaced with a 200-4R (dual bolt pattern - Chevy and BOP.) It bolts to the block, and because the TH400 came in that chassis - as it would have in a Wildcat in your case which is the same as the LeSebre, all that was necessary was to move the trans crossmember back and use the existing holes. Then they hooked up a TV (throttle valve) cable to the carburetor to control shifts. The 200-4R even uses the same 27 spline output shaft.

It might be worth taking a look at.


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