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winter Lincoln projects

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We have gotten this far in 14 months. 46 Lincoln Continental. Sold as a 47.This lincoln v-12 motor was pulled in 1966 and the car put in a barn. The motor was overhauled we think in around the mid 80,s and stored in another barn. Running gear has been dropped out and cleaned and new seals,brakes etc. V-12 put back in and runs well for sitting all those years. Had a bad motor leak and a gasket set fixed it up. We did the upholster ourselves. And rewired the complete car from scratch. With a lot of help from Dee Peecher its now a nice driver and still in the works to get all the little things finished. I had known about the car since 1968 and the owner wanted a lot for it. He had been ill and I stopped to see how he was doing and ended up buying the car that day.


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I dont know where to start, finishing up the polishing on the Continental aluminumn heads and intake. I did them years ago but sitting didn't do them much good so a clean up was in order. Pulled the intake valves while it is apart and installing the conversion units I talked John Murphy out of last summer.

Finally have all of the parts to install the hot air heater, so that will be up next once I get the engine installed and wired.

Have a list of items that still need painted body color, bumper brackets, front brake line and clip, some misc screws for the doors and a gravel shield for the rear bumper. Oh yeah, and the &%$^$#@^$# rubber for the skirts. I painted those when I painted the car and was sure to add the flex additive so the paint would stay on. OPPS, that didnt work so I'll have to redo those. My thoughts this time are to install the rubber, mask everything off well and just paint them on the skirts.

This should allow me to hopefully make the Stan Hywet show on Fathers day this year in Akron.

When I get bored, I do a little work on the 41 3 window project. Take one totally rusted out 41 3 window coupe and remove the body from the frame which was totally shot. Take one 41 Zephyr 4 door donor car and remove everything that doesnt look like a 3 window.

Lower 3 window body over the inner fenders of donor car and mark 3 window body to cut to fit the inner fenders of donor car. Take a BIG breath and start cutting. Lower 3 window body onto the frame and inner fenders and shout for joy when it fits. Next up, cut the top off the donor car just behind the first brace to match the cut on the 3 window which was cut in the same location, match the ends and weld together.

I'll add another album on my profile page to show the progress on this project.


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Well last week my wife and I moved from Las Vegas to seattle. Entire house and goods.(A story in itself) We are in looking for a house now. We are in temporary housing for the time being.

All my mold making equipment for reproduction Zephyr plastic is also packed up and needs to be unpacked, organized etc. Need to make price list and get the word out. Down in vegas I had to divide my time between 50 hour work weeks, house chores, and making molds. Now I should have more time to get caught up on some promises I made. (Finishing up '41 plastic for John Murphy and getting Tom Overfield some samples of window knobs). Thanks for the patience, guys.

My '41 3 window is still down south. In the spring I'll go down and drag her up here. Still working on making repo '40 and '41 steering wheels. slowly getting there. Looking for cores.

BTW, looking for nice '38 and '39 window escutcheons to borrow for mold.

Attached are a few samples of my work.

Thanks, Keith




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Hi, recently joined. I have a '39 Lincoln Coupe recently purchased, second owner, a real survivor. I was looking for a pair of glass wind windows if anyone knows where I can get some...

Also, I love my '39 but I absolutely love '40 Zephyr steering wheels. Does anyone know where I can get one in reasonable condition (right you say...). Keith L, are you doing copies? Thanks


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Keith here. Just relocated to Seattle area and haven't set up my shop yet. Attached is a picture of my progress on '40 and '41 steering wheel reproductions. It shows the wooden mother-mold that holds the final silicone mold in place. It keeps the silicone mold in registration and cuts down on the amount of silicone used to make the steering wheels. This mother-mold was designed to be used on '40 thru '48 years. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.


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Keith here. No, I do not make any '39 items, YET. Nor '36, '37 Yet.

I do make '38 dash and window items: The four gauges in the speedo cluster, (see attached. First pour and color needs tweeking) I also make the Clock face, window/door knobs, and radio tuning knobs. The '38 speedo is in production and almost done. I need to borrow a pristine or nice '38 door bezel, choke, throttle and lighter to complete the '38 set. Any help would be greatly appreciated. No harm is done to the originals when making the molds. If you have one knob and need another, contact me. Also looking for '36, 37, and 39 knobs to borrow.

I also make about 98% of all the '40 thru '48 LZ and LC knobs.



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Looking for 'Crusty Coupe'... who had the steering wheel I was after...

Real sorry that I meant to delete my reply and I deleted your whole email. Can you please ping me again so I have your contact and I will get back to you, I only remembered your name, thanks so much... Whitey39.

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