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Pile O' Parts

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Thanks for all the help folks! It will be a big help in convincing my supervisor to give me some labor to clear this out, catalog it all and then put it back--for now--in better order. The crew had only a couple of days to clear out the buildings it all came from and no time to sort. There are also a couple of Fordson tractors, I've dated one to 1919, and some early Ingersoll-Rand generators. I found business signs from the 1897-98 Klondike Gold Rush, stampeder supplies (big containers of dried onions, never opened and smelling of onions), gold pans, you name it, Rapuzzi collected it.

I will try to separate the especially good stuff from the not so interesting stuff this summer.

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Old signs fech huge money these days. There are plenty of Fordson Collectors out there searching for tractors and parts. The water bath air cleaners are usually gone because the farmers forgot to drain them in the winter and they suffered Hardwateritis Good Save. Dandy Dave!

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