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Probably a silly gas tank question

Echo Robert

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I pulled the gas tank from my 1929 Studebaker dictator last night. After pouring out about 2 cups of black flakes, dirt, rust particles and three 6 inch branches, I took it to the local radiator shop. They are going to do the ol' boiling dip clean out.

Anyone have experience with this process? Is it adequate, or should I add some kind of sealer?


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Steaming out the tank is the way to go. You're lucky to find a shop to do it.

My own personal opinion is the sealing process is a waste. A sealer won't keep out any of the stuff you're now having steamed, and all coatings fail in time -- so if you keep the car long enough, at some point down the road you'll have to remove the sealer.

See how it looks after it's boiled. Quite often you'll find a good bit of the original plating intact, and that's as durable a coating as anything.

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