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Skyhawk 1975 - 1979 ?


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Wondering if Buick ever put the 3.8 turbo in the 1975-1979 Skyhawk. I thought I saw a reference a while back to something called a Buick "Road Hawk" or "Turbo Hawk". I think it was a 1978 or 1979. Also, how many 70's Skyhawks are still on the road? Any cherry ones for sale out there? Thanks!<P>Steve<BR>Minneapolis<p>[ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: steve90 ]

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The Road Hawk is an awsome looking car, with a lot of special ground affects, I sw one one time and was really a great looking car.<BR>Buick also make one called the Night Hawk, had special Graphics on the side that changed in the dark, I saw this one at the Chicago Auto show.<BR>If you contact RV she knows someone who has several in Flint Mi.<BR>The Hawks are like the 78-79 Centurys, mostly all gone, rusted away to the junk yard in the Sky. A good gamble that they both wil be a good collectors car in the future.<BR>Jim Schilf / palbuick@aol.com

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