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1930's Truck - Maybe an Indiana?

Steve Hagy

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There are too many characters in the name plate for it to be an Indiana. The hood louvres in sets of three is the clue is the clue - typical of Studebaker cars around 1930. I found this pic on the net - http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/pix/trucks/goudy/consumers_ice_cream_stud.jpg - that looks very similar to yours. Like most truck makers Studebaker made a range of models so I have no idea which your is. There is a 1931 Studebaker in the Richardson Collection in NZ which has the typical slightly V radiator of 1931 Studes so I guess your can be only 1930.

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I'm envious of those of you whose eyesite was good enough to read Studebaker! I stared at that nameplate with a magnifying glass and then I enlarged the picture in Photoshop. I would go have my eyes examined and get new glasses - but I just did....

Thanks so much for the replies.


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