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kick plates installation for 1923, model 45


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I finally found a good set of kick plates for my 23 McLaughlin Buick. I know that they came standard with the car originally. Can any tell me where on the running board they should be mounted? I do not want to guess where they should go. So would appreciate if someone could take a couple of measurements for me, before I resort to guessing.

Here are the plates. Each has two mounting holes, which then screws are used to attach each one to the running board.



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I'll measure the ones I have. You should have asked about the kick plates as I

have several,extra alum ones , mine are plated brass and are bigger and I only have

2 , need 2 more. Are you coming to Danvers in July??


22-6-55 Sport Touring

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JB and 40, thanks for the help.

And yes, we have made reservations and sent in our registration for the 2011 Buick National Meet. Planning to get there a couple of days before hand and see some of the sights before the meet officially begins.

JB, you going? If yes, what are you bringing?

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