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Help ID '61-'62 Olds Clear-Top?


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Okay guys,

I need some help clarifying these two pics of '61 & '62 Oldsmobiles with plexiglass tops.

If anyone would know, it's you Olds gurus...



The Starfire is reportedly a Kennedy car, but that's not why I bring it up (we've had enough

Camelot cars of late). I'm only wondering what/why the tops were produced, if they were

offered for other GM divisions...you know, the backstory. To clear it up.

Any help would be greatly apreciated, :)


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I have a picture of the 61 Dynamic 88 built for Jacqueline Kennedy. The 62 Starfire is one for Jackie also. Both cars built on ragtop bodies, both had extra tops. You will notice the roof is much higher than a ragtop or hardtop roof because Jackie used to wear hats and they would hit the headliner of a standard car. Jackie liked ragtops, but they would mess up her hair or blow off a hat. That is why these cars were built.

Only them with money/power can get these things!


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