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Accessory Rubber Floor Mats for 1960 Oldsmobile


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I'm trying to find NOS accessory floor mats for my 1960 Olds. I've check with all the usual parts sources -- ebay, Fusick', Year One ... and I'm finding every GM from that era except the ones I need. Anyone have any idea where to find a set?

I've attached illustrations of the original mats from accessories catalogs that came with the car.




60 Olds Floor Mats.pdf

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I though Fusick had those mats at one time. Maybe they sold all the on-hand stock.

I found a brown 63-64 set on ebay and figured they'd work with my green 64. They were dry, but not broke up or cracked. Soaked 'em for a few days and they look OK. Ah druther have had green or white, but ya take what you can find with these mats.

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Hi Glen,

Fusick's has square mats which I'm fine with for the back. I'd really like to get the set that was intended for the front though and these have been incredibly hard to find. I currently have a set from a 60 Pontiac which is too big (even after trimming) and have started to crack on the driver's side. The NOS set was made specifically for 59-60 Olds. I've tried 63-64 era sets and they are also too big even with trimming.

So the search goes on. I'm placing ads and will continue to watch EBay.



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