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Wanted: Graham Hollywood for Special Exhibition

Guest auburn-kid

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Guest auburn-kid

Looking for interested owners to display their Graham Hollywood's at 2011 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Reunion to help celebrate 75th Anniversary of 810 Cord.

Please contact me if you would like more details on the annual reunion.

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Guest Silverghost

Chuck Cantwell a friend here in PA has a great supercharged Graham Hollywood !

Chuck is an AACA member !

Look him up in the membership directory !

He is also retired and loves to show his car !

He is a big Auburn, Cord & Duesenberg fan !

Chuck worked for Carroll Shelby in the old Ford Shelby Glory Days as an engineer ~~~

Great Fellow !

Give Chuck a call & twist his arm a little !

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You want the only remaining Graham Hollywood Convertible. You should see if you can get the Hupp convertible also (only one also). The three were together for the Masterpiece several years ago. If you contact me directly I might be able to help.

There are actually 2 known Hollywood Convertibles. The green (now blue) Phaeton owned by I believe Ken Dunshire and also the Conv Coupe that has been in Massachusetts since the late 40s (mostly unknown and rarely seen). I think there were rumors of another in Pennsylvania - either coupe or Phaeton but I've never seen any proof of that one.

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