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Members,Look on e-bay 290525439507

There is a 1989 TC with the current bid under $ 2,000 with no reserve. I am new to this forum and the pictures may be misleading. If one fo the :)members with more experience will look at these pictures and let me now if it is worth buying. Or at least someone in the club could pick this car up. I would appreciate it, any information that someone can send it to me on my home e-mail collier70@sbcglobal.net or private message on the AACA forum. I may be crazy but I always like that Burgundy color TC. have a nice day Bob

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Missing the trim inside the taillights and trunk reflector, missing the wheel arch stainless. Rear bumper rubber trim is ready to fall off the driver side and appears broken on passenger side at the corner. The pinstripe is placed above the body line instead of below it. The Air cond vents appear broken, the cd player is missing the piece that holds it into the dash (open space on perimeter), the center armrest is completely wrong for a TC. It appears to have been redyed on the inside with a spray can instead of a liquid and overspray got in the openings of at least the cd player, shifter, and the power seat switches.

The most problematic things I see are under the hood. Only one pic and I don't see the hood support props or the strut tower covers for an early 89. The brake system is also NOT the proper Teves system, it has a regular power brake booster and master cyl on it which may never work correctly or safely.

The car is an early 89 model without the woodgrain on the interior, with the fuzzy speaker covers. The hood may have been changed to a later built one and the hood props won't bolt up from hood to cowl if that is the case. This one needs an in person inspection to look for accident damage to the front of the car and to see the VIN stickers on each sheetmetal part, I would guess that the stickers have a different VIN from the car.

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ghostymosty, I would like to thank you for your speedy assessment of this TC. But believe you me, I am really amazed at the details, you have been able to see. I definitely see that you are right up there with Twin cam and Hemi in my assessment.

If I am right I think I have seen on some of your threads, that you do not care much for the burgundy TCs. I have been looking for some months now and the majority of these cars , in that color have really bad fading and peeling paint .

Thanks again, very much appreciated. Bob

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I actually love the Bordeaux colored interiors, they just show natural tan color in the wear lines pretty badly and that is why most needed redying early. Color preference for paint is just a personal taste kind of thing and my order of preference goes

black with ginger, red with ginger, black with black, white with ginger, cabernet with bordeaux, red with black, white with black, cabernet with tan, yellow with tan and then yellow with black. All with a tan top as my first choice since I live in a very hot sunny climate. The only combo I really would not consider is a yellow with black interior, the combo just looks wrong to my eye, the cabernet with tan also looks just a little off as a combo but not as bad.

All the paint colors have an age related problem with the clearcoat peeling, not anywhere near as bad as the domestic Chrysler products that had the primer let go of the color coat. Find one that has not been in a lot of hot sun and the paint will be nearly flawless with the Maserati shine if kept waxed.

I have an eye for detail after several years of helping my brother in his restoration body shop in Louisiana.


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Not to knock someone's car but there is also the plastic cover on the steering wheel, the carpeted dash, the wrong radio with maroon overspray, the Frankenstein seat restitching, the growths on the tail lamps and back up lamps that look like they may have spend time underwater.

Already beyond twice its value in my opinion.

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