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Need help with a name from Barrett-Jackson

Dave B.

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First, let me say that I hope this isn't out-of-bounds for the forum.

I'm writing an e-mail that I'm planning to send out to my friends and also submit as an article to our club newsletter.

On Thursday night, Barrett-Jackson auctioned a Dodge Sprint Cup car for charity. It was donated by a man named Don Damon, who had purchased it at last year's Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas (to help the same charity). It sold Thursday for $150,000.00, which benefited the Paralyzed Veterans of America. The man who bought it immediately donated it back and said "Sell it again". The auctioneer started the bidding again and raised another $95,000.00. I was able to get all the names EXCEPT the name of the man who donated it back.

That's the last detail needed to complete my story... The background noise kept me from getting his name. It sounded like one of the announcers called him 'Wayne', but another may have said 'Frank'. The last name sounded like 'Mausey' or 'Rowsey'. The man is from the Midland, Texas area.

Edit: Just a bit more info... This man is big - both tall & broad and has short gray/blond hair. He's usually wearing a Hawaiian-type shirt.

So... thanks in advance if anyone can help me with this!!

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Guest Silverghost

The SPEED TV announcers just said he was Texas collector Greg Mausey or Mosey? I do not know the correct last name spelling !

At any rate~~~


Hope this helps you out !

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