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Buick and GM Memorabilia, LIST #1


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Hi, Gang. Here goes on my annual offering of Buick, GM, and other fun goodies for sale. This is usually a great time of the year to buy something for ourselves...since we seldom get goodies like these as Christmas gifts! Shipping is additional on all items. Personal checks or money orders are both O.K. for payment. Please post here, if you want to buy an item. Just state the item #, and we'll take it from there. Thanks for looking. John

1. SELLING THESE INDIVIDUALLY. I have 11 different Buick corporate postcards that promoted the 1968 Buick line. These postcards were given out to people who took the Buick factory tour in Flint in 1968. Four-color printing, with a different Buick advertising slogan on the back of each postcard. Each card also imprinted "Buick Motor Division, Flint, Michigan". These are all in "as new" condition.

Blue GS-400 Sport Coupe, Blue Skylark 2-door Sport Coupe (have two of these), Wildcat Custom Sport Coupe, Green Wildcat Custom 4-door hardtop, Wildcat 4-door Sedan, Cream and Woodgrain Sport Wagon, Red Le Sabre Custom Sport Coupe, Green Le Sabre Custom 4-door Hardtop, and Gold, Green Le Sabre 4-door Sedan, and Black Le Sabre Custom 4-door Hardtop. $6 each for any of these postcards. (The top center Special has been sold.)

2. Signature diecast model of the "Rainman" movie Buick. This 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible is an extremely detailed, quality model. Big 1:32 scale, which puts the car’s length at about 7". A beautiful finish, with all plated trim. New-in-box. NOTE: This model is cream colored, as it should be. My photos make it look yellow. $19

3. This a never-used Buick Lubricare dealer reminder postcards. They are code dated from January of 1952. These postcards were sent to customers promoting getting a chassis lube job every 30 days. These have really cute four-color illustrations of a little boy oiling a little girl's roller skates. Has a Wisconsin Buick dealer imprint. I have nine of these (all identical). $4 each

5. **SOLD** Route 66 license plate topper. Never mounted. An older reproduction that I picked up at a gift shop during a Route 66 driving tour some years ago. 3" wide by 3-1/4" high. $12 **SOLD**

6. Never-used Auto Trivia Book from 1985. 128 pages of trivia, puzzles, quizzes, facts, etc. relating to the auto industry from 1930 to 1980. Great for use at car club meetings or old car tours. This book is in new condition. $10

7. GM Parts Promotional Golf Tees. Never used. Flip-up package contains four golf tees imprinted with “GM PARTS” logo, and a round, ball placement marker imprinted with “GM GOODWRENCH PLUS SERVICE”. Cover has GM dealer name of Bill Boettcher, Inc. imprint. Mint condition. (Two photos shown) $9

9. New-in-package, 1949 Buick Riviera Die-Cast Model. 1:64 scale. One of the limited production Motor Trend Racing Champions Series. Has nicely-detailed interior, opening hood, and detailed engine compartment. $7.











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