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San Diego Broken Stude


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Anyone in the San Diego area that can assist a fellow from Idaho that has a 1962

six cylinder Lark at a repair shop in San Diego.

It needs a starter and torque converter.

I have these parts but I thought that maybe someone in the area would have

these parts to expedite things.

I live quite a ways away from there and it seems the shop is not too familiar with these cars.It has been there for a while. It is 10 below zero here and packing and shipping these items will be difficult for an old man.

Let me know if anyone is driving to southern California from the Midwest.

I am on the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 55.

Please note.

I finally got rid of AT&T and only use my cellphone now. 815 212 2389

Bob Kapteyn


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For the '62 crowd, you'll probably alert more parties by posting on the SDC Forum.

Studebaker Drivers Club Forum

Never mind; I see you already got that covered!

Well, now you know which forum I visit first.

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