Early Bearcat

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5 minutes ago, durospeed said:

Back then Paul let you know you were buying a reproduction and didnt claim many of his to be "the real thing". I was talking about buying a 13 bearcat from him back in the day and he was upfront about the car. That being said that was some time ago and in todays collector market and new people coming into the hobby and many of us "older" HCCA members, 65 years for me in the club, will no longer be around to say what ones are fake. In time they will all be "real" at million dollar prices. That goes for all the other great pre 1915 quality name and rare high dollar cars that will be real in a decade or two. 

Yes, a true series of statements.  Deep pockets and rare cars mean replicated cars will appear.  There are a lot of high dollar early cars that never left the original factory that are either now in existence, or in the works.  Not conjecture, I know of some of them, as some of you do....not a bad thing, necessarily, as it gives the experience to more people.  And, as stated,  50 years from now, they’re all real....

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