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A new show like Pickers on HGTV.

Shop Rat

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I just saw the promo for it. It is called Cash & Cari. The promo on TV included antique vehicles and motorcycles.

Here is a link to a video promo to find out about the show.

Cash & Cari : Cari Cucksey : Home & Garden Television

This link includes a 1925 Studebaker.


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I've watched the first couple of shows, and am not impressed. She seems to low ball items just to get rid of them, and I agree that an estate sale seems to be a way for people to cherry pick the goods, and leave the "junk" behind. One good thing about the way they do local auctions, there's no picking of what you buy, you have to take it all away, and that leaves a clean estate......

I'm also not a fan of taking nice wood furniture and "antiqueing" it (spelling??) or making it a crafty type item, which she does for her store.

Pickers and Pawn Stars still the best. Storage Wars is somewhat interesting, though, that might be fun to buy "mystery" units and find goodies, although somewhere I read that they've filmed a large number of buys to get a few good stories.....

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