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1917(?) Studebaker Windshield

Guest jvmcc

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I have (I think) a 1917 Studebaker windshield with frame. As far as I know, it is all original, even the glass. The two windshield "panels" pivot nicely in the frame. The bottom panel moves smoothly on its pivots. The top panel pivots to stop points about every 15 degrees of rotation. The paint is chipped all along the frame and it has surface rust where the paint is gone. The rubber piece at the bottom of the lower panel is also "chipped" in places, but is still surprisingly pliable. The metal channel that secures the glass is a little bent at one location, but otherwise this whole frame and glass is in pretty good shape. Am I in possession of an automotive treasure? Or, are these things easy to come by, like Model "T" parts? Any guess as to what a fair asking price would be? Any guidance will be appreciated.

I have posted some photos in my gallery.











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