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Heater/Defroster Hot Water Hose Routing

Guest tomw51

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On my 46 Continental I have a hot water Heater/Defroster hose coming out from a Lever activated valve on the driver side of the engine block, just behind the oil bath air cleaner assembly. The Hot water hose runs from the front of this valve going forward over the two spark plug rails down to the defroster unit on the passenger firewall. After looking at several pictures of engines mine seem to be alone as to the routing and location of the hot water hose. The heaters and defroster work great, and I do not mine the heater hose in this location, but just wonder if anyone has this setup on their Continentals. Did someone put it wrong, and if so where is it routed. I say if its not broke dont fix it !

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Can you post a photo?

Perhaps somebody with an original car can also post a photo as well.

A picture is worth at least couple dozen words!

My '47 Continental is a street rod - no V12.

My '41 Continental is an original car with only a hot air (manifold) heater so I can't visualize your problem!

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Here's the routing for your heater and defroster hoses: left cylinder head hose goes from the valve to the rear over the left spark conduit and manifold to the defroster hose port. A hose then goes from the other defroster port down thru the frame, threaded thru the frame to the right passenger side heater under the floor very near the exhaust pipe. there is a connecting hose that connects from the right side heater unit to the left side heater unit. The last hose connects from the the left side heater unit under the floor. This hose is also threaded thru the frame and exits near the steering box and connects to the hose fitting on the left water pump. If the heaters/defroster are all working it sounds like all the units are pumbed in series as originally intended. The only difference you have would be the routing of the hose from the left cylinder head to the defroster. The "lever" valve on the left cylinder head may have replaced the original shut off valve.

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