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Sad News-AACA Past Fund Raiser

Steve Moskowitz

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Brandt A. Pflueger Obituary: View Brandt Pflueger's Obituary by Lebanon Daily News

Here is the link to the obituary for the young boy who recently passed away from cancer. Several years ago AACA members contributed $10,000 to a fund to help this family. It was the cause of our staff and the "shaved head" idea that raised the money. Sad to see a young life end so soon. A sincere thank you from all of us at Headquarters for the tremendous outpouring of support to a family you did not even know. To Mr. Bishop, Steve Gordon and Fran Rubino and a very generous gentlemen from the Midwest a special thank you. Thank you to our regions and chapters as well.

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You guys did a great thing. The burden of additional expenses, aside from the medical ones, is onerous for most families.

My wife just had her fifth chemo. I don't know how people without the means and insurance and huge circle of friends that we have endure the process.

I commend everyone for their efforts in providing some relief for this family. The automotive community is a very special one.

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