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What's a better truck: Ford, Chevy, or Dodge?


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Dodge for me. Driven Fords...too bouncy and the front ends tend to squeak after a while. Driven Chevrolets...sucked waaaaay too much fuel. For a while there, Chevy trucks had a hood that tended to bend at the hinges. LOVE my little Dodge A100 compact pickup and I can pull or haul anything I will ever have. Just sayin' from my own experiences. I know Ford guys and I know Chevy guys and they all rave about "their" make of truck. I don't believe that there is any proof anywhere that will tell you which make is best of ALL trucks (or at least the ones in your post title). I have had other very dependable Dodge trucks, also.


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I like the ford but that don't mean there is anything wrong with dodge, it's a matter of what fits you. Take them both for a long test drive and see what you like, not just a five minute drive cuz you will start to notice comfort after an hour or so!!

Good Luck!! :)

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