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810 or 812 Cord

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I'd love to know how many of the surviving Cord phaetons are unrestored.....can't be too many, as just about every one you see has been through the process.....mine had a bad paint job in the 1960's, and someone died the red leather black way back when....and I've already told Alan that Yes, I have no Cord for sale......good luck with your search...dc


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Guest Silverghost


I am a bit shocked that you want to buy a Cord ? ~~~

After all~~~

Cords are NOT STEAM powered autos !

Unless you wish to actually build the very first one ?

All kidding aside~~~


Would you do all us AACA forum members a big favor here ?

If you can please do a search here on this site for a thread titled~~~

The Plumber's Folly ?

We all need to know if this is/was in fact the wreck of a former Steam Auto pictured here on this thread ?

It has been driving us all crazy for many months !

If so~~~

What make & approx year ?

You are the best Steam Expert we all know !


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Well, I don't know....my Cord runs great, but it quit shifting correctly about 2 or 3 years ago. It was stuck in one gear. Started taking some shift pieces apart, and found the problem.

Shift, contrary to popular opinion, didn't happen.

That said, I was steaming mad when it quit shifting, and bet I'm not the only 810/812 owner to feel that way....

Doesn't that make it a project suitable for Alan's steam experience?

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I had looked at that steam project when listed on ebay and without a closer examination of the piping its pretty hard to tell what the intent was. I do not think it was intended to be used as a car. My first impression was that it was an air compressor most likely hooked up to some sort of external steam system. No evidence of a steam generation system in this rig. It also appears that the front cylinders drive the rear axle and the the other engines are driven through the chains. This is just an idea I've gotten bored with steam and wanted a challenge hence a Cord! Alan

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Shift mechanism fixed, mechanically all back together, hoping to finish up new wiring this month and give her a go! It's getting harder and harder to lay upside down under a dash these days, I remember 30 years ago it wasn't a problem, think the car is shrinking or such? Can't be me.........

It's the same as these new-fangled printing presses for newspapers and magazines. They run so fast now, the print is fuzzy, and 30 years ago it was clear as could be........

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