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Bartering For Parts

Guest ReattaFan1

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Guest ReattaFan1

Ive been working on my 88 Reatta for a few months now and with my recent layoff from work had slowed my project way down. I see the light at the end of the tunnel but I still have a few things left to do before getting my car roadworthy. I'm sure Im not only one going through a hardship, it must be others. I though why not have a thread on Bartering for good's. Swap Parts for parts or like in my case parts for services Im very savvy in electronics I can swap radio caps. I know its a few forum members that have spare parts cars and might be in need for other parts or services.

Swapping caps out is a pretty straight forward and applies to all electronics

My experience is with the 88 Reatta CRT and radio module. I'll be able to

replace the caps and do a burn in test for the 88 and 89 only. Other years I can

do the service but since I only have the 88 Im not be able to do any testing

For the 88 Reatta Red/Tan

The things I need are:

* Repair Exhaust Leak

* Front Bumper

* Front LH Side Marker ⇐(Working on a deal at the moment)

* 2 Rear storage compartment latch handles

* Drivers Window Motor

* Passenger Door Electric Lock switch along with the sliding chrome manual lock leaver

* Decorative 3800 Engine Cover ⇐(Working on a deal at the moment)

* 4 Interior Door Pull Strap Covers ⇐(Working on a deal at the moment)

* Seat Covers (Beechwood Tan)

* 16" Wheels ⇐(Done Deal)

* passenger side door panel

Thats about all that comes to mind. The list may grow as my 88 Reatta project progresses

Some of the large items it might be necessary to be local in the Orlando Area.

If your planning on driving down to see the Mouse? Why not Bring your radios

and parts and I'll have it finished before you leave.


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