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1933 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan

Guest JohnF

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1933 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan

35,600 original miles

Clean Missouri title

Asking $13,000

Body is in amazing shape with nothing more than minor surface rust inside door panels and such. Absolutely no rust through anywhere on this car. It appears to be all original except for tires and wheels which I have 2 originals along with all 5 hubcaps and the front seats which I have both originals. It appears it may have been repainted at some time but with original colors. Since purchasing I have gotten the car running and it purrs like a kitten with the original 189.8 ci 6 cylinder engine. I have also done the following with any important original parts that were removed being saved.

1)Brakes – relined, adjusted, new dual master cylinder for safety reasons, new front brake lines, new fluid.

2)Repaired drag link (was about to fall off).

3)Performed steering adjustment according to manual

4)Replaced rubber bumper stops in doors and door latch springs.

5)Replaced non original Marvel carburetor with non original but standard replacement Stromberg BXV-2 carburetor and added a fuel pressure regulator.

6)Cleaned and checked fuel pump and filter bowl. Diaphragm in good shape with strong fuel pressure.

7)Installed missing thermostat with proper 160*, new coolant hoses, and checked radiator for leaks.

8)Installed new spark plugs, new plug wires non original type, cleaned distributor cap (good pickups), and new rotor as it was worn.

9)Drained fuel tank and inspected for rust and debris (surprisingly clean).

10)New 6 volt battery, battery tray, and battery cables.

11)Removed caulking from where the front cowl vent was sealed closed.

This is an exceptional all steel car with no apparent damage or bodywork anywhere. It would be great for someone wanting to do a restoration or a resto-rod as it needs very little.





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Guest 318ham

hello im still looking for a 1933 plymouth data plate or a info plate or a serial number ....USED ONE. thanks if anyone can help.....

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