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Muhammad Ali Mystery Car?

Guest johnishere

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Guest johnishere

Anybody know what car this is?

I was watching ESPN's "30 For 30: Muhammad and Larry" and this car was in the movie. Thanx much.

(Post edit: The hood is leaning me toward Studebaker, but I haven't been able to find a reference yet... still looking. ?)

Post edit #2: Bufori ?? [Malaysian] I found a Bufori that looks like an earlier predecessor to this one... but then realized that the car in the movie would have been 1980. Bufori wasn't founded until 1986? ? Still don't know.


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Funny, before I read your post I thought you were talking about the all-mysterious "Claymobile", Casius Clay's 1 of 1 custom car that even had the words "Claymobile" cast into the tires. The car was in someone's junkyard for many years until someone with alot of guts dragged it out of the bushes and stole it. Last I heard, it's still missing, but a one of a kind car with a history like that will eventually pop up in someones collection sooner or later....

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