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Need help finding a 1925 wiper arm and blade


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I have a split windshield on my 1925 Stutz and I have used the Steele gasket that separates the top and bottom glass from a 1920 to 1928 Buick split windshield.

Since I need to find a wiper arm and blade I am thinking that I may be able to use a Buick arm and blade but have no idea what they look like.

Attached is a photo of my windshield. The top glass is 7" high. I also included a photo of the shaft from the wiper motor that hold the arm.

The shaft has a 3/16" diameter, the square end is 1/8" square and 1/8" long. The hole in the shaft is 3/32" diameter and 1/8" from the end were the square ends and the round begins.

Any and all thoughts and comments will be appreciated.



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