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Mystery Master Cylinder


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I own a 1936 Buick Series 40 (Special). I am rebuilding the master cylinder and noticed that the part number stamped on the casing is 5450221-3-N. It also says "Model 321A." I looked this part number in my pre-war Buick parts manual and it wasn't listed. I was wondering if someone who has a post-war Buick parts manual can see if this master cylinder part number is listed and for which year/model Buick? Thanks a lot.

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G'Day Patrick These are images of my master cylinder it out of 36 8/60 century Sloper Australian built body Its the original one out of it but not sure if there the same as the 40 series Good luck Adam




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Guest Rob McDonald

PACKICK, "1946-57 Buick Chassis and Body Parts Catalogue 574-B" doesn't list part number 5450221-3-N. Note that my copy was published by General Motors Products of Canada. So far though, I haven't found any differences when hunting for parts in the US.

Listings for regular (non-power) master cylinders are:


5450320 1946-49/ALL

5450225 1950-52/ALL, 1953 Model 43

5454242 1953 Model 45 Exc. Dyna Flow

5454179 1953 Model 45-47 Dyna Flow - exc. power brakes

5454350 1954-55 ALL - exc. power brakes

5456000 1956 ALL - exc. power brakes

5456127 1957 ALL - exc. power brakes

It's unlikely any that a power brake master cylinder would have ended up in your '36 Buick. However, just to be thorough, those part numbers are:


5454800 1953 Model 45-47, 1954/ALL - with campaigned cylinders (?)

5454975 1955/ALL

5455060 1956/ALL

5455865 1957/ALL supercedes 5455850

Sorry that it doesn't solve your mystery but at least maybe it narrows down what your part doesn't fit.

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Hi Packick,

Make note that casting numbers on parts are'nt always exactly the numbers in a parts manual. I found that out from working on tons of cars and a few years in a Chevy-GM parts dept.

:) kaycee

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