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I have (2) 68 Wildcats that I need to get rid of. (1) convertible, a basket case but on of only about 3400 made and about 90% complete. (1) 4dr hardtop that runs and drives pretty good, but needs paint and interior upgrade/restoring. <P>I bought these pretty much right, with the intension of restoring the convertible and using the 4dr for parts. I let my imagination get the better of me, and the convertible is way more than I should get into. <P>I need to get rid of them, as I am loosing my storage yard. <P>$1,500 takes them both, or make me an offer.<P>e-mail at wschmidt40@hotmail.com

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I'm trying to find a set of front drums and a pair of rear backing plates, but really cheap. <BR>I know this makes the car a lawn ornament, but if you're going to haul it to the junk yard, any chance you can pull them right before the forklift takes it off the trailer?<BR>Thanks,<BR>-Brad

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