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For Sale Buick NOS parts


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For Sale Buick NOS parts:<BR>Buick Wildcat/LeSabre´65 three taillightbezels(#5956241,#5956242)<BR>+ 1 lens.Price:altogether 180$ or 70$each and lens 20$.<P>Buick Special ´65 taillight,complete 100$<P>Buick Special/Skylark headlight bezel #5954133(very very fine) 100$<P>Buick Electra ´66?? portholes #14018/1375012,one pair 80$<P>Buick Electra ´66 tailornaments <BR>#5958004RH,5958003LH(include rubbers)<BR>#5958001LH,5958002RH<BR>in these is small scratches in paint,but chromes are very good.Price:all set 120$ or<BR>70$/pair<P>Buick Electra´66 one side moulding #758-4810RH,two clamps are broken.price: 20$<P>If You take whole heap together,they cost 500$+shipping.Pictures on E-mail,ask electra65@artic.net

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